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Vegan Mario's GF Academy

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The 3 biggest values of joining our GF Academy:


#3 Ongoing GF Sourdough Support
6 Days a Week Sourdough Support directly from me via Telegram... that means we'll hold your hand until we get your GF Dough recipe tuned up! We'll make sure that pasta texture's perfect and your Cheeze is the creamiest. Do the work with me and GF freedom is in sight. This is a $3,600 value.

#2 Sourdough Starter Insurance
Even though I'll be showing you the fine art of creating your very own "sourdough mother" from scratch, from which all your breads will be born, LIFE HAPPENS... For one reason or another, you may lose your starter. Well, I've got your back. Just send me an email and I'll send you some of mine!!!  I look out for my students! I know that once you get baking, it becomes a way of life. In the past I've had students tell me they've joined my classes just for this GF Starter Insurance. This item is not ever for sale, anywhere, and is only available to my students. [PRICELESS]

And, in my opinion, THE MOST VALUABLE part of the course....

For the very first time, EVER, I'll be offering my award-winning ratios to use as a base for your own recipes. The art of baking is a practice in consistency. I will help you to build a strong base understanding of your ingredients so that you can find consistency with your own ingredients. Together, as long as you do the fun "homework", we will build you a flour recipe that you can use for any dough. When I create custom recipes for businesses, my rate starts at $14,000 (I just literally pulled up an old invoice to check). Taking this course to start a side hustle or maybe something even BIGGER? Ummmm... Great idea.

That's over $17,600 value for $1,397. That's a savings of 92%!!! And remember you will be receiving something priceless, too, only available to students... the Sourdough Starter Insurance.

Text me at 805-500-3287 with any questions... we can *schedule a call* from there if needed to discuss the course further.

On Teachable we offer many PDFs and 60+ videos to help you learn and succeed.

Join anytime!!! Let me be your guide to gluten-free FREEDOM! :)

SHIPPING OF YOUR CLASS INGREDIENTS IS FREE TO ALL 50 STATES! Use coupon code "2021CLASS" upon checkout to remove shipping charges. 

 I've created this program for both home bakers and professionals.

(For professionals that want to get certified there are a few more steps.)

When you do this enjoyable "work", you will become an expert in all areas of gluten-free dough making. I will be supporting you 6 days a week via a private Telegram group.

Do it for your own personal health security, do to bring even more value to your relationships with your family and friends... absolutely run with it, and manifest THE VERY BEST SIDE-HUSTLE ever.

You'll have access to my student store with student pricing and a mentor in me. I'll be cheering you on ALL THE WAY (and helping you troubleshoot, too, if you'll even need it ;)


HERE is a full list of all the videos currently in the course as of June 1, 2021:

Welcome (0:28)

  •  Important Announcement (2:03)
  •  Tools of the Trade (1:08)
  •  Weights and Measures (11:32)
  •  Baking Equipment (6:22)
  •  Bowls (2:47)
  •  Whisks (2:15)
  •  Spatulas (6:11)
  •  Blades (6:05)
  •  Rolling Pin (1:03)
  •  Blenders (0:50)
  •  Laser Thermometer (0:36)
  •  Rejuvelac (0:43)
  •  2021 Class Series LIVE Meeting #1 (51:33)
  •  Introduction to Ingredients (0:43)
  •  Sourcing (5:32)
  •  Flour (1:48)
  •  Starches (2:01)
  •  Psyllium Husk (4:51)

Sourdough Starter Cultivation

  •  Your Package Has Arrived (4:17)
  •  Feeding Your Mother (8:44)
  •  After Feeding Your Mother (0:53)

Make Your Own GF Sourdough Starter (45:00)

Time to Make Bread

  •  What You'll Need for Your First Loaf (1:17)
  •  Mixing the Sourdough (12:13)
  •  What about the Mother? (1:22)
  •  Baking Equipment & Readiness (2:01)
  •  Getting Your Dough in the Oven (8:12)
  •  Bread Formation DETAIL (2:50)
  •  Bread Scoring DETAIL (5:54)
  •  Baguette Formation (15:18)
  •  Convection Oven Settings (0:14)
  •  Taking Your Bread Out Of The Oven (5:55)
  •  Once the Bread Has Cooled, Time to Inspect Our Work (7:33)

Creating Your Own Custom Mix Recipe

  •  Sourdough RATIOS Presentation (58:15)
  •  RATIOS for EVERY DOUGH Presentation (33:49)

Bagel Time!

  •  Preparation for BAGELS (1:38)
  •  3 Methods of Bagel Formation (2:52)
  •  Ball and Poke Method PART 1 THE BALL (5:01)
  •  Ball & Poke Method Part 2 THE POKE (4:46)
  •  Boiling Your Bagels (1:22)
  •  Getting Your Bagels into the Oven (0:40)
  •  BUZZZZZZZ Bagels are ready! Let's inspect our work. (2:46)

Non-Dairy Cheeze Formulation (74:11)

Who is ready for Gluten-free Sourdough Pasta?

  •  Pasta Dough Introduction (5:48)
  •  Pasta Dough Method Detail (7:56)
  •  Pasta Dough Fermentation Analysis (3:11)
  •  Pasta Shaping Introduction (5:39)
  •  Ravioli and Tortellini (25:29)
  •  Noodles (Linguini) (11:12)
  •  Penne Butterflies and Spirals (11:20)
  •  My (Used to be) Secret Marinara Recipe
  •  Cooking Your Noodles (Linguini) The Cold Water Bath Method (4:31)
  •  Cooking Your Fresh Pasta (Penne, Ravioli, Spirals...) (10:13)
  •  Probiotic Alfredo Sauce (14:06)

Let's make Gluten-free Sourdough Pizza!

  •  Pizza Dough Introduction (6:06)
  •  Pizza Dough Method Detail (3:47)
  •  Pizza Dough Fermentation Analysis (7:15)
  •  Pizza Dough Balling 1 (6:55)
  •  Pizza Dough Balling 2 (3:56)
  •  Pizza Sauce (14:35)
  •  Pizza Toppings (9:00)
  •  Let's Make Some Pizzas (34:49)


  •  Sweet Bread Formulation (10:10)
  •  Babka Formation (10:13)

My GF Academy will prepare you to thrive in the art of making dough. Attendance is prerequisite for Vegan Mario’s GF Certification (offered next Autumn).

Questions can be asked via email, text or Telegram for daily support. Again, the class comes with over 60 videos in addition to PDFs, so you can learn the art of bread, bagels, pizza, cheeze, pasta, sauce, and sweets at your own pace! The GF Academy is the ONLY place I share my very best ratios, tips and techniques. 

Questions about the Academy? I'm happy you asked. Just text me at 805-500-3287 or send an email to

I'm stoked to have created the space in my schedule to provide this offering and I'm eager to meet the class of 2021. 

In appreciation,

Vegan Mario


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