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Raw Probiotic Kraut: Super Spicy Birds Eye Chilli, Local Green and Red Cabbage with Sweet Fennel Seeds

$ 25.00

YOU GET TWO 8 oz. glass mason jar of Very Spicy Sauerkraut.

Please understand this kraut is super spicy! 
I have ONLY 40 densely packed 8 oz. jars available.

You get 2 8 oz. jars. All sales are final.

100% Organic Ingredients! Locally Grown Cabbage, Birds Eye Chilli, Fennel Seeds and Pink Salt

Eat this straight up, or put it in your favorite sandwich for a spicy probiotic kick! So spicy with hints of sweetness from the fennel seeds...yummm

This item is shipped with an ice-pack included in the price. 

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