Authentic Castille Soap

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Do you like to be clean?

Does your soap make you feel clean...or does it leave an oily residue behind?

Chances are, you're not 100% pleased with your soap. It's either very drying to your skin... or it doesn't really clean well.

Working in the kitchen all day, I wash my hands A LOT.

This is the most gentle, yet effective soap I've ever enjoyed. In the past I haven't enjoyed soap at all, actually! AND it's made with ONLY 3 Food-Grade ingredients by a genius chemist.

I've learned that the quality of soap is determined by two things: the quality of the ingredients + the quality of the chemist. Anyone can make soap, but it takes true skill to perfect the ratios in your formula to make a product that won't dry out your skin like crazy.

You can use it on your hands, face, body, hair, dishes. laundry, surfaces and even blood stains.


The Crunchy Chemist says,
"Our concentrated Castile Soap powerfully yet gently removes dirt, debris, bacteria, environmental toxins, and other inflammatory contaminants from your skin, hair, and everything else.  You can use our one all-purpose Castile Soap to clean EVERYTHING: hands, face, body, hair, dishes, laundry, surfaces, stains, and a lot more.  It's not just a castile soap, it's An Everything Soap.™"

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