Chomper Chalk Tooth Powder 1 oz.

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I don't know about you, but I love eating!!! LOL!

So, I'm very interested in KEEPING MY TEETH. 

At the same time, I avoid putting toxic chemicals in my mouth. 

Our teeth need to be cleaned, that I'm sure of... but how to do it gently?

I'm presenting you with the cleanest most pure method to clean your teeth...Chomper Chalk, made by my buddy Blake, the Crunchy Chemist!

Not only will this powder clean your teeth, it will whiten them and also eradicate your morning breath :/  LOL.

Everyone needs to ditch that tube of pineal-calcifying gunk and switch to this simple AND effective tooth care product. 

Check it out... it's made from only 4 food-grade ingredients: baking soda, coconut oil, activated charcoal and albumin. 

1 OZ. 3 month supply

The Crunchy Chemist says,

"Our best-selling Chomper Chalk Toothpaste Replacer dramatically whitens teeth, detoxifies & deodorizes your gums and mouth, and cleans deep without fluoride, SLS, glycerin, xylitol, peroxides, or abrasives. It is electric toothbrush compatible.

A tiny bit goes a very long way - our one ounce jar is a 3+ month supply.

For best results, DO NOT use it in conjunction with another toothpaste, toothpowder, or mouthwash. Our Chomper Chalk™ Toothpaste Replacer is a complete oral hygiene product that is designed to leave your teeth with the optimum surface chemistry for fast tooth remineralization and lasting whiteness. Other oral hygiene products may alter this intended surface chemistry and interfere with the results.

Ingredients (All Food Grade):

Baking Soda
Organic Coconut Soap
Activated Charcoal USP  (from Coconut Husks)
Rebiana  (Non-bitter Stevia Extract)
     ABSENT in Unsweetened Option
*Means turned into soap."

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