Gluten-free Sourdough PASTA "Without a Machine" ONLINE WORKSHOP OCTOBER 2019

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You’d NEVER know it was gluten-free.

Have you ever tasted gluten-free sourdough pasta?! No? That's because it doesn't exist, except in my kitchen!

I’m teaching a Gluten-free Sourdough Pasta "Without a Machine" Workshop, on October 5th 2019 at 10:00am PT at my bakery in Oak View, CA. Join in person, or ONLINE via ZOOM Meeting.

You CAN eat pasta again and feel great‼️ I’ve fallen in love with these probiotic noodles and know you will, too. 🍝👍

You don’t need a machine to make linguini, tortellini, ravioli or any other pastas we'll make.

I'll teach you the art of sourdough cultivation.

We'll hand-craft a few pounds of pasta.

I'll show you how to make a delicious AND healthy pasta sauce, inspired by mom, Gina.

The workshop starts at 10am PT and ends around noon PT.

ONLINE via ZOOM MEETING or IN PERSON in the Ojai Valley

What else you'll receive:

✓ All the ingredients you need, sent to you in the mail. 

I'll snail mail you my pasta flour mix , brown rice flour and...


I'll even gift you with some of my precious sourdough starter to cultivate into your own.

✓ 2lbs of the finest ground California brown rice flour to feed the starter

✓ GF Sourdough Pasta Mix for over 5 lbs of fresh pasta.

✓ Access to a private Facebook Group just for my students to ask questions

✓ 3 follow up Zoom Meeting calls

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