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Learn how to make amazing gluten-free vegan Chinese dumplings at home!

It’s easy once you know how  :)

Join me virtually (by ZOOM) for a workshop in sourdough dumplings.

What you'll receive in the mail from me...

  • a jar of my Prized Sourdough Starter
  • a bag of Extra Fine California Brown Ric Flour to feed the starter
  • a bag of my award winning California Brown Rice Sourdough Mix

What you'll receive over the internet from me...

  • a LIVE two hour workshop with me on Saturday, Sept 10 at 2pm Eastern
  • lifetime access to the workshop video 72 hours after the live presentation
  • one month of support from me over the Telegram app starting immediately after the workshop to ensure your success!

You'll learn...

  • how to FEED your sourdough starter
  • how to MIX perfect gluten-free dumpling dough (using my gluten-free flour mix)
  • how to CREATE the most delicious dumpling filling
  • how to DIVIDE and ROLL the dough into dumpling shells
  • how to FILL and CLOSE those delicious little packages
  • and finally you'll learn how to STEAM them to perfection
  • as a BONUS, I'll show you how to make the quintessential dumpling dipping sauce

Upon signing up for the workshop, you'll receive a list of other grocery items that you'll need to procure to make the dumplings.

I'll see you there!

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