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You can easily make your own gluten-free pizza crust, bread, bagels and pasta.

That FRESH BAKED bread experience can be yours, again...

HOT crusty bagels can be yours, again...

REAL PIZZA can be yours, again... but ALL better!

Know what I know...and get your favorite foods back into your life.

These classes are for:

  • anyone who loves sandwiches, but wants a cleaner option
  • anyone who needs a gf bagel that doesn't taste like cardboard
  • anyone who wants consistent results in their home baking.
  • anyone who wants a little shortcut to nourishing home-made gluten free foods.
  • anyone who would like me to do the heavy lifting for them.
  • anyone who has a desire to feed their family the highest quality ingredients. 

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Please get in touch with me personally if you have any questions. You can reach me 3 ways:

  1. email me at
  2. text only at (805)500-3287
  3. or DM me on Instagram

    If you are looking to formulate your own, custom, gluten-free recipe for for home or business, please book a 15 minute call with me and let's see how I can help you.

    Buon Appetito!

    Vegan Mario