How To Care for Your Bread

First step:

Ask yourself this question,
"Will I eat this loaf within 5 days?"

If the answer is, “Yes” go to the Countertop Storage Directions. If the answer if “No”, go to the Refrigeration/Freezer Directions. If you purchased more than one loaf, you might freeze some and keep one or two on the counter to eat right away.

*IMPORTANT note: if you live in a particularly hot/humid location your bread may do better in the refrigerator.

Countertop Storage Directions (< 5 days)
If you’re going to eat your bread within one week, we suggest storing your bread on the kitchen counter.

  • Step 1. When you are ready for your first slice, remove your bread from the compostable cellulose bag.
  • Step 2. Cut yourself a piece of bread. Use a sharp knife.
  • Step 3. When you are done, turn your loaf onto it’s “cut-side” and store your it on your cutting board, “cut-side” down onto the cutting board. Then cover with a paper bag to keep off any bugs.

This method will allow the bread to slowly release moisture without trapping it in the bag and creating mold. This technique is for the bread aficionado. A good bread knife is always handy as the crust will get harder as it begins to form a protective barrier.

Refrigeration/Freezer Directions

The freezer and refrigerator are the places to store your bread if you’re going to take over a week to eat it, or if you’re in a very hot location.

Refrigeration - (up to 10 days)
  • Step 1. Seal your bag tightly with the twist-tie in the supplied cellulose bag.
  • Step 2. Put it in your fridge.
Freezer (10-30 days)
  • Step 1. (optional) Pre-slice your loaf. Then you can take out one slice at a time to toast in your toaster.
  • Step 2. Seal your bag tightly with the twist-tie in the supplied cellulose bag.
  • Step 3. Put another “freezer-bag” over the existing bag and date it.
  • Step 4. FREEZE.