Vegan Mario's Gluten-Free Sourdough Pizza Club

The Gluten-Free Sourdough Club is here to get you making delicious gluten-free pizza as quickly and as easily as possible.


#1 Instructional Videos
You'll have access to my short and simple instructional videos where you can follow my every step.  You will know exactly what you're doing. I'll show you everything you need to know, to make delicious sourdough pizzas.

#2 GF Sourdough Support
You receive Sourdough Support directly from me via group text. When things come up in your kitchen and your have a question, just send over a quick pic or video and we'll get it worked out together. I'll hold your hand until we get your GF skills tuned up! GF freedom is in sight. Expert support is your key to success.

#3 My Gluten-free Sourdough Mother
When you join the club, you'll receive some of my baby to make your own. This is what will make the texture of your gluten-free creations better than all the rest. Enjoy my 8-year shortcut!

#4 Sourdough Starter Insurance
Even though I'll be showing you the fine art of cultivating your very own "sourdough mother", from which all your creations will be born, LIFE HAPPENS... For one reason or another, you may lose your starter. Well, I've got your back. Just send me an email and I'll send you some of my mother!!! All I ask, is that you cover the shipping. I look out for my students! I know that once you get baking, it becomes a way of life. This item is only available to my students.

#5 Ingredients for your first 16 pizzas
To get you started, you'll receive one bag of my organic Cali-Brown Rice Sourdough Mix, as well as 800 grams of Brown Rice Flour for your new Mother. You provide the salt and water.

#6 20% OFF Mixes at
Now that you're a student, YOU GET THE BEST DEAL. Enjoy 20% off of my mixes as long as your membership in the GF Academy is active. You'll receive a new coupon code every month.

Text me at 805-500-3287 if you have questions.

Join anytime!!! Let me be your guide to gluten-free FREEDOM! :)

The cost of your first month is $147, which includes everything above, plus FREE SHIPPING for your starter and ingredients. After that, membership is only $14 a month if you choose to stay with us. For many, the 20% off mixes makes this club a no brainer that pays for itself.

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