What "tools" you'll need to bake bread

Make sure you have all the tools and equipment that you'll need before you get started.
It goes without saying that you'll need an oven, but what else will you need? I've made this short list that links out to Amazon, where you can buy the exact pieces of equipment that I use.
If you don't have any version of these 4 essential tools that I suggest for best results, please order them right away.
The top 2 items in my list, the cast iron bread pan and the digital scale, are MUST haves. The whisk and the big bowl are just really nice to use. The extra space in the bowl is really handy when mixing bread dough and the piano whip is super sturdy for dough mixing. The silicone scraper makes it really easy to release the dough from your bowl.
The only bread pan I trust. I have 60 of these.
The exact scale I use.
My favorite 14" piano whip.
A big beautiful 16-quart bowl.
Super flexible silicone bowl scrapers.

The best laser thermometer ever. I've had mine since 2016. Thank you for supporting me as an Amazon Associate. I earn a small fraction from these qualifying purchases when you use these links at no cost to you.