CraZy Cashew Cream CheeZe - Probiotic Cream CheeZe (2 JARS)

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Enjoy TWO 8 oz. glass mason jar of cheezy, garlicy goodness.

These jars will last 6 months or longer when unopened in your fridge. An opened jar will last for 90 days from open date if kept refrigerated.

100% VEGAN

Only 6 ORGANIC Ingredients! Cashews, Water, Heirloom Garlic, Pink Salt, Tapioca, Probiotics

Eat this spread on our Quinoa or Rye-less Rye Sourdough Bread and you've got a complete meal that's good for your gut! Let your tummy enjoy the probiotics in our cheeZe and prebiotics in our bread.

This item is shipped with DRY-ICE included in the price.

This is the same cheeze we sell at all four Erewhon Markets in the LA area.

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