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I know you've been searching far and wide for a good gluten free bread. You're so close now!

Healthy and Clean GF Baked Goods for YOUR business are just an education away.

My Foundational Education Course has all the information and support you will need to create baked goods like Pizza, Bagels and Bread, as well as Sourdough Pasta and Ravioli. I'll even teach you how to create a non-dairy cheeze for your Ravioli.

Keep reading and let's see if we're meant to work together.

  • If you have a difficult time following directions, this may not be for you. Attention to detail is a must in this art.

  • If you're not into creating the healthiest sourdough food for you and your business, this may not be for you. Regular sourdough baking is much simpler.

  • If you don't like to ask for help when you need it, this may not be for you. I like to ensure the success of my students, and clear communication is a MUST.

  • If you enjoy following directions, this will be great for you. You will find freedom once you understand the core concepts.

  • If you're into creating the healthiest food for you and your clients, this is definitely for you. Prebiotic, probiotic, oil free, dairy free and just CLEAN FOOD.

  • If you can ask for help when you need it, our private Telegram group will be the perfect support for you and help propel you to success.

  • If you love to consciously create in the kitchen, and this ALL sounds good to you, keep reading and I'll tell you exactly what I'd like to offer you.

The 3 biggest values of joining our GF Academy:


#3 Ongoing GF Sourdough Support
You get 3 months of Sourdough Support directly from me via my private Telegram group... that means I'll hold your hand until we get your GF Dough recipe tuned up! We'll make sure that your loaves are baking to perfection, that your pasta texture's perfect and that your Cheeze is the creamiest. Do the work with me and GF freedom is in sight. We can do this together. This is a HUGE value.

#2 Sourdough Starter Insurance
Even though I'll be showing you the fine art of creating your very own "sourdough mother" from scratch, from which all your breads will be born, LIFE HAPPENS... For one reason or another, you may lose your starter. Well, I've got your back. Just send me an email and I'll send you some of mine!!!  I look out for my students! I know that once you get baking, it becomes a way of life, but sometimes things happen. This item usually goes for $49 for a single cup. Starter insurance has got your back if you ever need it. I just ask you to cover shipping, and my mother is your mother ;)

And, in my opinion, THE MOST VALUABLE part of the course.... the true key to freedom...

For the very first time, EVER, I am offering my award-winning ratios to use as a base for your own gf mix recipes. The art of baking is a practice in consistency. I will help you to build a strong base understanding of your ingredients so that you can find consistency with your own ingredients. Together we will build you a flour recipe that you can use for any dough. When I create custom recipes for businesses, my rate starts at $14,000 (I just literally pulled up an old invoice to check). 

Text me at 805-500-3287 with any questions... we can *schedule a call* from there if needed to discuss further.

This program is for professionals, or anyone who wants to start a business right away.

When you watch the videos, and get your hands full of dough, you will become an expert in all areas of gluten-free dough making and I will be there supporting you via our private Telegram group when you need me.