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💪Make it yourself! My 2018 workshop series is here ...🍞💃

This is something I've been working on for quite some time...

The last workshop I ran was all the way back in September.

But after returning to the Ojai Valley after the #ThomasFire the timing just hasn't felt right...

Until NOW!

I've scheduled 7 unique workshops at my kitchen this Summer and Autumn. Each workshop has two dates, so hopefully if one doesn't work for you... the other will.

The workshops will be jam-packed with information and offer tons of hands-on learning.

Watch, listen and then do yourself... before you know it you will know what I know. And the rewards are tasty!

As a bonus, you'll also receive access to my "students only" web store for gf flour mixes as well as a curated selection of kitchen tools.



@ MY BAKERY: 625 N. Ventura Ave. Oak View, CA 93022
Fresh pastas
Bagel Mania - June 17, Nov 4: Who needs a toaster when you have bagels fresh out of the oven? Learn why bagels have holes, the art of Sourdough Cultivation, three ways to form a bagel, and the 2-step cooking process.

Fresh Pasta at Home, WITHOUT a Machine - June 24, Aug 26: Create alongside me! Make fresh GF pasta BY HAND. We‘ll be rolling out all my favorites: Vegan Ravioli, Linguini, Tortellini & Fettucini, and maybe a couple more “Inis”.


No Dairy, No Problem - July 8, Sept 9: Learn to ‘Milk’ Plants, make Fermented Cheezes and Yogurts, identify which nuts and seeds are good to use and which ones to avoid, and how to ferment safely.

Gluten-Free Vegan Brunch - July 29, Dec 2: Make your own Omega-Rich, Fruit-Filled Crepes from scratch. AND I’ll tell you my GF, EGG-FREE French Toast secrets.

Calzones at Home - Aug 12, Oct 7: Make your own amazing calzones at home. Learn the dough-making process, calzone marinara, and vegan ricotta cheeze. Plan ahead and prepare in bulk! These calzones freeze well and are great for parties.

Sourdough Sweets - Sept 23, Oct 21: Enjoy fresh, warm, Cinnamon Sticky Buns at home. Learn the art of sweet sourdough cultivation, and the formation of the swirl...

Marvelous Mushrooms - Nov 18, Dec 9: We'll make Juicy Mushroom Nut Loaf, Cheezy Italian Stuffed Mushrooms, Savory Shiitake gravy and King Oyster Scallops. Wonderful for holiday feasts!


$169 per workshop.
BUY 3, get your 4th workshop, as a gift from me.
All dates start at 12:00 NOON.
Each workshop runs 3 to 4 hours.
FIRST, I’ll tell you what I know.
NEXT, we’ll get into the hands-on learning.
FINALLY, we’ll EAT what WE MAKE!
And take some HOME...

Email me directly to apply for workshops: mario@veganmario.com